Figure Skating and Ice Dance National Championships 2011


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In 2011 there were  plenty of skaters on the nationals, however some of them missed too. It was because this year was the first time MOKSZ organized a novice national championships in the same time with seniors.  The winners: senior women – Viktória Pavuk, senior men – Tigran Vardanjan, ice dance -  Nóra Hoffmann – Maxim Zavozin . The main fight happened for the second and third places to get the chance of participating on European Championship, in Bern,  Switzerland. There were not pairs entry, however Márk Magyar – Anna Khnychenkova is training now in Poland with Dorota and Mariusz Siudek.They will be hungarian substitutes (due to the entries list) , in case of withdrawal of Christopher Trefil and his new partner, Cyrielle Piquitot-Garcia.

The competitors skated their short program on saturday. Júlia Sebestyén missed this year, after the World Championships in Torino she finished her amateur skating career and from october 2010 she is working as a  professional mentor and trainer in Debrecen, Hungary.

In the last three-four year was infected by scandals. There were no quetsion about Júlia Sebestyen’s first place, however 2007/2008 season was the first time for Katherine Hadford to finish the nationals with better result than Viktória Pavuk, and getting the chance to participate at the Euros in Zagreb (I was there too) . Since that there is no exact criteria for European Championship entries, so the second and the third placed skaters wanted selections again an again. It is very intresting, because there is an exact, useful criteria: minimal score. But they didn’t use it somehow. This year Katherine Hadford will be the second entry after Viktória Pavuk,who cannot participated at nationals, because she had an accident (her blade went through her skate after a landing and she got an injury) and she didn’t dare to compete with it . She has to participate in preliminary round, because she doesn’t have a “confirmed technical score”. The second place at the nationals went to Chelsea Rose Chiappa. Bianka Padar finished on the third, place and Annamária Szolga on the fourth place.

In mens competition there were three entries,  Kristóf Forgó started to compete at senior level and finished on the second place. I think he is the only hungarian skater boy with nice movements. He changed his lifetime coach Szabolcs Vidrai and went to István Simon in the summer. (I’m wondering he didn’t find out this opportunity earlier). He is 17, so there iare some odds for their common work becoming a great skater in the next two years. He has very nice triple toe-loops with mohawk starting, but it wasn’t enough for him to win over Tigran (however he had very high level spins and step sequences and Tigran touched the ice a plenty of times and his body moving is disgusting + hes has only level 1 spins and steps).  The bronze winner is the last year champion is Márton Markó.

There were no question about Maxim and Nóra’s victory in ice dance, but giving 10 more points in short dance to Zsuzsi Nagy and Máté Fejes than they got all the competitions in this season – well it is a question. (actually, Zsuzsi is the daughter of the ice dance secions leader, Sándor Nagy). A lot of  people think Sándor suborned the judges to save the opportunity his daughter and her partner (and boyfriend too) participating at Euros, because Dóri Túróczi – Balázs Major were getting up in the season (got two GP invitations too!). So their amazing free dance (Be Italian) wasn’t enough to achive the second place, furthermore the CD player stopped during their program, so they had to start it again. So they cannot participate at Euros (actually they are the substitutes, if  in case of withdrawal they have to go to Switzerland immidiately). MOKSZ said the third placed dance pair will participate at Winter Universiade in Turkey, but they missed the nomination date and in the first round they nominated only the speed skaters because of financial reasons.

Nóri and Max travelled back to Moscow on Monday to continue preparing for Euros with Gorshkov and Petukhov, because they really want to finish the competition in the best five.  With great programs they have good chance to achieve it.

In junior women category Regina Borbély won the gold (trained by Jerena Ipakjan) (the other favorite for gold cannot participated – Eszter Szombathelyi – because she broke her elbow one and a half week befor the competition.) There were only two entries in junior ice dance , Mária Dér – Dániel Májer were better.

In novice ladies category Ivett Tóth won the gold. She is 12 and jumping two kind of triples and double Axel in combination too! Kloé Rozgonyi won the silver and Georgina Kántor the bronze, who is training in Moscow too with Maria Butyrskaya.There were only one entry in novice men ,  Máté Böröcz.

The extra surprise of the competition was David Richardson from Great Britain (he was an out-of-competition entry) who was better all of our men entries. (Gurgen Vardanjan – Julia Sebestyen’s ex-trainer – is working now in Nottingham as a trainer and as an ice center director.)


Senior men SP:

Senior men LP:

Senior ladies SP:

Senior ladies LP:

Senior ice dance SD:

Senior ice dance FD:

Junior ladies SP:

Junior ladies LP:

Junior ice dance SD:

Junior ice dance FD:

Advanced novice ladies SP:

Advanced novice ladies LP:

Advanced novice men SP:

Advanced novice men LP:

David Richardson SP and LP

Great thanks for videos for poggipoggi and fodrika :)

Detailed scores:


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